As a client of DOMUS Management & Services Ltd you have access to our Project Management System integrated into our Web site. The system will give you access to the project progression and the documentations worldwide and using different supports such as desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phone.

We have setup this project platform in order to manage professionally your project. The system gives the following advantages:

  1. Visual project dashboard and progression.
  2. Centralise the communication between stakeholders (Client, Architect, Engineers, Contractors etc.).
  3. Consolidate information related to your project (Documents and pictures).
  4. Automatic notification by e-mail when the system is update and current status.

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DOMUS Management & Services Ltd is the pioneer in the fabrication of pre-wired electrical and hydraulic systems for houses. Using a state-of-the-art software and qualified technicians we are able to prepare in advance your house's services at European standards.


The snagging software we use will help you and us achieving a quality beyond our expectation.
With this snagging software, every defect and unsatisfactory work will be tracked until completion and full satisfaction of our clients.



At DOMUS MSL we are committed to certify and guarantee our works against defects and bad workmanship.
Full set of construction documents and certifications is delivered to our valued customers and remains online for future references.


Acting as a third party, we make quality controls and verifications on construction projects to make sure that the Property Developers and Contractors meet their commitments. Our technical expertise is from the following areas:

  1. Quality Control of materials and products
  2. Built as per specifications and drawings (dimensions, orientation, quantities etc.)
  3. Witness and certify built-in services norms (Electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning etc.)
  4. Follow the project from start to delivery, reporting and ensuring that the delivery date is respected

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